Thursday, November 6, 2014

About me.

Hi there again. Sorry this is so sporadic. There is a weird thing going on where I can't seem to access the internet after 11 or so from my computer (though Netflix runs fine on my PS3). Anyways.

Thar blows a comic!

So this is what I did for an assignment to make an autobio comic. If you sign up for the Homework level of my Patreon campaign for $25 a month, this will be in your first packet. This one has typos that your print out will not.

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  1. I commented. And then my comment was eaten. Probably by the tapir. But this is really great, from the pollywog to Isaac to the astronaut and the tapir. Geez. Are you in heaven? I really like the sleepy you at your desk. And I'm very glad to be your Patreon Patron. Can't wait for my first schtuff. (Now, I'm copying my comment, so I can just paste it in if this thing loses it again.)